You have a unique and special gift to share with this world. Yes, I am speaking directly to YOU right now. The woman who has shown up here, on the pursuit of growth and excellence. 


You have something that no one else can give. You have your own voice that can ring loud, and cut through the noise of the world. 


The question is, will you lean into it? 


Or… will you choose to hold yourself back. To shrink. To fit in with what’s “trending”. To pick something that others are doing and copy that… because it seems to be working for them. 


The world shows us, through filtered lenses, that we can have success RIGHT NOW. That there’s something wrong with you if it’s taking you “longer” than someone else. That there’s a red flag if you don’t become an overnight success. 


Whenever I get stuck in the “should have, should be, should do” I ask myself the question…“Who told me that?” 


Did someone I trust tell me that? Did my coach or mentor tell me that? Or, did I create that expectation? Did social media filter that “reality” for me? Do I constantly tell myself the story, that what I am doing is not good enough?


Oof. Yep, that’s on me. My inner dialogue and negative self talk is running wild like my kids when we walk through the doors of the trampoline park. It comes loud and fast and before I know it, I am being knocked to the ground internally. 


It’s time to silence the noise, so you can boldly step into your brilliance.  


Women that truly step into their brilliance, do so with confidence. How? Because it has taken them time to cultivate and fine tune what their brilliance is. They have listened to their inner voice, that intuition, that future “She” that we speak to here at She Leads Me. They grow with her, continue to learn with her, and lean in with her. Finding their own path and not someone else’s. 


Stepping into their brilliance does not mean putting everything into an Instapot and having it come out perfectly in minimal time. Meaning…


They don’t just go to one training session and are now the subject matter expert. They don’t just hear something inspiring on a podcast and now immediately take that word-for-word message to their audience. They don’t just read one book and adopt those teaching principles into their business. 


They take in information and knowledge to not take over their brilliance, but to expand their creative thinking into something more. 


I have spent 15 years working with over 200 business owners on building their business and strategy plans.

I didn’t just hear about business planning one time, and then became the “go-to expert”. I have educated myself on traditional models and then started implementing pieces that I felt were missing. I created an entire unique and signature experience for the women that work with me. 


Did I create the concept of business planning? Nope. I DID create a new formula and process, using my own intellectual property to step into my own brilliance around creating strategies. 


It has taken many years of ideas that worked (and some that didn’t), working with coachable clients (and some that weren’t) to fully develop what I teach now. 


Will it take you that long to fully develop your brilliance? Maybe. Maybe not. Did I wait to step into confidence along the way? No way. 


How did I do it?  I started leaning into these practices…


Silence the noise 

You have to get OUT of the noise of everything/everyone else so you can hear your inner dialogue speak. Unfollowing or muting accounts that only bring your insecurities screaming at you loudly won’t serve you. Hang around a crowd that encourages you, lifts you up and invests in you. Silencing the noise of things that don’t serve you (even if they “should”) is critical

Spend time with you

Do you know what your inner voice sounds like? No, I’m not talking about the negative dialogue. I am talking about the mature voice. The empowering voice. The voice that is yours to grow more confident in and let her speak loud! 

Spend some time where you can hear her. I have a whole set up that I tap into to hear my inner leadHER. As I am writing this, it is in the early hours of the morning while my family still sleeps. I have my favorite candle lit, my coffee steaming next to me, and my environment that I have set up just right for creation time like this. 

Make time to CREATE

How often do you allow yourself to create in your life and in your business? If you are too busy just going through the day to day, back to back motions, it will be harder to step confidently into your brilliance, as you aren’t giving yourself enough time to develop it.
Start with just one hour a week to write, build, create something in your life; a craft, a blog post, a book chapter, a new idea for your business, a new recipe for your family. You will quickly notice how you will fall in love with this time, and seek out ways to create more (which we absolutely recommend!) 


Our world is drowning in information but starving for knowledge. We need you, to step confidently in your brilliance and lean into who you were created to be. 


Let your brilliance shine bright ladies. We’re rooting for you!