Programs Available

You can learn more about our offerings throughout our website, but here is a quick glimpse of what She Leads Me does for our community!

21 Day Business Bootcamp

Does your business need a boost? Are you needing a reboot to end the year strong? Welcome to our brand new program, 21 Day Business Bootcamp.

Business Mastery Workshop

Our Business Mastery Workshop is back by popular demand and curated with quality intention for you, the female business owner. Think this might be for you? Click below to learn more! 

You seriously are amazing.
What you did over the past two days was really phenomenal. It was perfection. You gathered women…who were ALL strangers to me…and brought us together. You not only brought us together in proximity, you brought us together in support and connection. You created a safe space of abundance where we didn’t have to compete. Where we could feel authentic and real. Where we could ask for what we needed and also offer support. 
Mari W.

I cannot thank Heather Simpson & She Leads Me enough. The She Leads Me program opened my eyes to a business I only dreamed of creating. I later enrolled in the Business Mastery program, and she helped me turn those dreams into real, attainable, action items. Absolute game changer!!! In year 2…I doubled my income by simply taking a leap I was too fearful of before!!! Now, in year 3, I enrolled in Business Mastery again along with the Premier Leadership coaching group lead by Heather. I am beyond excited and ready to see what this next year has in store for me and my business. If you’re debating enrolling in one of her courses, just do it! You will not regret it. 

Christine C.

Thank you so much Heather for inviting me to join in this event. Even though I am not a business owner, I am a Manager and am so grateful that you gave me some great tools to make my leadership skills better!
I loved it and learned so much! I will go again next year in a heartbeat….that room was pure magic!
Michelle N.