Taking the guesswork and Google searching out of business and giving you more time to create. 

You’ve started your business based on a drive and mission deep inside you.
Your talents and unique brilliance provide something incredible for this world.

Quickly on your business building journey, you find yourself getting side tracked with all of the tiny details, the todo lists and the unknowns. You feel list and overwhelmed in how to execute your talents into a well oiled operating business machine.

That’s where She Leads Me steps into help. 

We believe that every aspiring entrepreneur and business owner should be able to build a wildly successful business; spending more time on their specialty and
less time finding the how-to’s. 

I cannot thank Heather Simpson and She Leads Me enough.

The She Leads Me program opened my eyes to a business I only dreamed of creating. I later enrolled in the Business Mastery program, and she helped me turn those dreams into real, attainable, action items. Absolute game changer!!!

In year 2…I doubled my income by simply taking a leap I was too fearful of before!!! Now, in year 3, I enrolled in Business Mastery again along with the Premier Leadership coaching group lead by Heather. I am beyond excited and ready to see what this next year has in store for me and my business.

If you’re debating enrolling in one of her courses, just do it! You will not regret it. 

Christine C.

Realtor, Oak Harbor, WA

For years, we’ve been teaching business owners the core, fundamental principals of business planning and strategy implementation.

These principals have helped our clients shift and pivot during challenging times in business or when they are ready to leap into the next evolution of their success.

We’re here to help you too.  

This newly designed 8 week program will walk you through crafting your unique business plan to help you scale your business in a sustainable way that leaves the questions and burnout behind! 


If you are…

Wanting to hire a business strategist to help you determine your next steps

Needing the time set aside to analyze next steps to work ON your business not just IN your business

Looking to increase your impact while also making more money

Feeling overwhelmed with how to organize and plan your business

Generate $100,000 – $500,000 in Annual Revenue

…we can help!

Our team has 16 years of experience guiding hundreds of individual business owners and teams towards organization, clear direction and business clarity.

.What to Expect

Over the course of 8 weeks together we:

🤩 Cover key, foundational topics in building your business

🤩Bring you educational content with tangible action steps

🤩Give you business blueprints and how-to’s

🤩Help you set a sustainable pace for success

🤩 Show you how to consistently generate six figure revenue and MORE profit!


Each week will lead with educational content, how-to’s, and business blueprints for you to implement. We layer the information and action steps setting a solid pace in your business allowing women to build tools, confidence and generate sustainable income.

Two options are available to customize your experience:

1. Self paced for those looking to build on their own timing (opens January 23rd) or…

2. Mini Mastermind + Accountability Group for those looking to build their business and strategies alongside a group of other women for accountability and community building.

Our group option only opens once a year and is now open for registration. 

Join now to start your Business Mastery Journey on January 27th, 2023


Previous Attendees Said…

“Thank you SO much. That was powerful and SPOT ON! You inspired me, and we will use that as fuel to fire me up and finish what I started.” 


Wasilla, Alaska

“I truly appreciate your openness and guidance. You are able to easily create a space that is safe and uplifting to talk about everything related to business! I feel ready and clear with the direction that I am going.”


Anacortes, WA

“Business Mastery took any confusion I had about how to structure and strategize my business and created a crystal clear plan! When I started, I had lost a bit of my mojo. Now, I am excited about my business again!”


Phoenix, AZ

The Details…

“I was new to going into business on my own and had no idea where to start. Heather was able to not only guide me in the right direction, but light a fire in my soul about my business. She was able to help me find my niche, my theme, my brand, and myself as a new business woman. She had innovative ideas that I would have never thought to do, and she was so inspiring, I learned to become more creative with my marketing. I feel very fortunate I was able to work with her and I cherish the knowledge she gave me. If you have the opportunity to work with Heather you will not be disappointed! She really is the best at what she does and everyone should be lucky enough to gain some of her knowledge.”


Seattle, WA

Business Mastery Program is only open for enrollment for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your business.

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