you into

6 Figure Success

then showing you how to scale it by the multiples.

Next Session begins May 1st, 2023


Are you ready to accelerate your income?

6 Figure All Star will show you how the Pro’s build excellence and scale their income to a higher potential.


A 6 Figure All Star has the mindset on lockdown when it comes to increasing their revenue. We walk you through critical mindset work to elevate your income and exercises to add to your routine to maintain growth in your mindset so you can maintain growth in your income.


Want to add $5K to your business
income right away? Who doesn’t!
Our $5K Framework will quick start your income boost giving you a solid foundation for your 6 Figure All Star business.



A streamlined business is a healthy business. We look at the ins and outs of how your business runs day to day and where there is potential for growth in the future. We walk through your job description and when it makes sense to hire a 1099 contractor and employee for your business, if at all.



Are you following a blueprint each and every day? Or just winging it? 6 Figure All Stars create the exact model they want to build, then follow the instructions each and every day.
We will show you how.



Generating six figures doesn’t happen without intention and a plan. We will show you how to use Strategic Pricing in your Business Structure to scale that revenue upward sister! 

Generating more Revenue. Solving Business owners cash flow Problems.

We work with business owners every day. 
We aren’t just here to build businesses for fun, we are here to make an IMPACT;
in our community, in our lives and in our income. 
Let us show you how it’s done. 

Next Session begins

May 1st, 2023

6 figures makes an impact

We know the stresses and worries of not making a good income.

We are here to show you how to scale your income to relieve stress, pay yourself (and pay yourself more), and be able to make an impact in your household and community.  

when business owners do it on their own…

Unfortunately, most business owners won’t ever make it to six figures of income before they call it quits…

Sadly enough, more than 50% of all business owners never exceed $25,000 each year. 

6% of Business Owners are actually able to reach six figures and 2% reach seven. 

We have found that when our clients work with us, 59% of them make at least six figures per year and are able to scale that into multiple six figures as they continue to work with us here at She Leads Me. 

When business owners try to do it on their own, they are more likely to underpaid, overwhelmed by business expenses and burned out before they have an opportunity to see their business income increase. 

We are on a mission to change that. 

  • 6% of business owners reach 6 figures per year
  • 2% of business owners reach 7 figures per year
  • 59% of SLM Clients Make 6 Figures per year


Not only are we giving you valuable education + action steps to increase your income, we are also including these
in-demand bonuses for a limited time!

💸Income and Goal Tracking Worksheet so you know where you are at and where you are going. No more guesswork here! Valued at $97 

💸Action Plan Bonus at the end of each module, so you know exactly what to do after you learn and can spring into action, right away. Valued at $147

💸Access to 21 Day Business Bootcamp, our transformational program that will walk you through small action each day for a powerful impact on your business and life.  Valued at $197


💸A mini Mastermind Group, led by Heather Simpson. We will start and end this program together so you can ask your questions in real time from a highly sought after business consultant. 1 Kick Off Call and 1 Wrap Up Call Valued at $997

From Our 6 Figure All Stars

Here’s what they have to say about learning from us… 

“I cannot thank Heather Simpson + She Leads Me enough. The She Leads Me program opened my eyes to a business I only dreamed of creating. I enrolled in the program and she helped me turn those dreams into real, attainable, action items. In year 2… I doubled my income by simply taking a leap I was too fearful of before!!!”


“Heather and She Leads Me has absolutely been INSTRUMENTAL with both my business AND person growth. Her mind and vision operates on a different level which encourages you to not only think and dream bigger, but also gives you the practical tools to make it happen.”


Scale your Business + Your income

We are committed to seeing more business owners reach their full income potential. It’s why we’ve dedicated the last couple of years to take the framework we’ve used to scale our business to incredible success and bring it together into a program created for you. 

Not only are we pairing this with incredible bonuses (for a limited time), we are also making this financially accessible because we know how important it is for you to have the knowledge that will help you grow your bank account. 

Registering for the ‘Make Payments’ option gets you access to the 6 Figure All Star Program (plus bonuses if you register in time!) for only
5 monthly payments of $199


Registering for the ‘Pay in Full’ option gets you access to the 6 Figure All Star Program (plus bonuses if you register in time!) for only
one payment of $895


Let’s Start building your 
6 figure all star business

Our next Session Starts May 1st, 2023