Our mission is dedicated and devoted to creating more community in a divided world.

Together we will bring unity amongst women through greater awareness and understanding in our community. We are here to shake up the status quo and remove the mediocre mentality.

We are called to inspire, motivate, educate and empower women. To stand for something bigger than ourselves. To develop leaders of all ages to forge the path of empowerment, love and strength for women all over the world.

We are She Leads Me.

What We Do

She Leads Me exists to support the female entrepreneur and leader through training, resources and community. Here are some of our favorite ways to connect with you!

Business Consulting Services

Supporting your individual endeavors with customized 1:1 consulting and guidance on your business ownership and leadership journey. 

Community Connection and Events

Crafting high quality events with the most amazing community of female entrepreneurs and leaders around.

Ongoing Education &  Professional Training

From the desk of our CEO, we bring together high quality information and knowledge to sharpen your skills in a competitive market place.

Be in the know…

We are committed to bring female business leaders and entreprenuers, outsanding leadership training and development.
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