Transform your business in 21 Days

Give us 21 days and we can help transform your day to day operations from reactive, chaotic and unorganized to streamlined, steady and sustainable.
If you are:
🙋‍♀️A BRAND NEW business owner and looking for a place to start
🙋🏿‍♀️Feeling disorganized and chaotic in your business and looking for a reboot
🙋🏽‍♀️Have been running your business for awhile, but could use a boost in productivity and income

…then 21 Day Business Bootcamp can help you make the business transformations you are looking for.

“It’s like having a sounding board, a mirror, an amplifier and a cheerleader in your toolbox.. Who WOULDN’T want this in their tribe? I am so grateful for Heather Simpson. I’ve especially benefitted from the one on one consulting services I’ve received. Worth it all. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and I recommended her and the company ALL THE TIME!”


21 Day Business Bootcamp is a 3 week program designed to help you take small actions each day for a powerful impact in your business and life.

Meet Your Business Coach

Hello, I’m Heather Simpson and I am so honored that you are here.
I am a Business Consultant and Strategist. Over the past 16 years, I have personally helped hundreds of business owners grow, scale, and achieve their next level of success.

Over the years, She Leads Me has provided many workshops, training’s, along with virtual and in-person events to help you grow as a business woman. I am passionate about helping women, and have created the space to help more during these unprecedented times.

Building lasting strategies and teaching scale-able business concepts is my specialty. I developed this brand new program to bring my years of expertise and business tools together, to fast track your success and give your business the boost it needs.

How it Works

21 Days of Content

You will receive a video message from Heather every day, for 21 days. She will walk you through mindset shifts, business principals and action items to start right away in your business. Bring a notepad to take notes! Each day will layer on the last, helping you build sustainable habits and systems that will stay with you, long after the 21 days are over.

Action Items

Each daily video will be paired with action items that will take you an hour or less to complete. These action items are your tasks to bring ultimate productivity to your business.

Growth can be hard at times. Heather will ask you to show up with an open mindset so transformation can happen.

Reach Your Goals

At the end of the 21 Day Business Bootcamp, you will walk away with some incredible momentum in your business.
With lifetime access, you can replay 21 Day Business Bootcamp at ANY time for a refresher in your business.

Now is your time to tap into that woman that you have inside you. The resilient, “get-it-done” female that is ready to take on the new plan and make it happen!

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21 Day Business Bootcamp officially opens December 1st, 2021