A Community of
Collaborative Women

This community is for those women who are looking for ways to step up and step into leadership in their lives. 

Why am I here?

There is a huge opportunity for us to come together to truly support each other in our life’s journeys and successes. I am driven by helping others achieve more and be more, on many levels. I want to help provide a safe and secure foundation for women to step onto, and stand on confidently with their fellow sisters in this world.

Often times, we find ourselves traveling on our road alone when in reality, there are so many of us out there on the same path, we all just need to jump in the same vehicle and hit the carpool lane!

I feel called to lead this movement. I have a story and I want to share it with the world. I want to promote and grow an ecosystem of female leadership that sends waves and ripples into women’s lives. I am here to enrich the lives of many and help women step into authenticity.


Since 2018

It all started in the Pacific Northwest, where we became committed to the growth and success of professional women. Our reach and mission have expanded beyond our corner of the United States and are now reaching women world-wide, giving them the powerful resources they need to thrive. 

Who We Are

Our Team

Putting together a community like this? It takes a dynamic team.
Here are the women that make it happen…

Heather Simpson

Heather Simpson

Founder & Director

I am your personal Business Consultant and Growth Strategist. I am the Founder and Director of She Leads Me, a company that was created to support you, the incredible Female Business Owner.

 This community has grown wildly since we opened our doors in 2018. At She Leads Me, we have put together high quality events, informative trainings, unique workshops, and a highly popular Podcast with a world wide listener base.

 I have spent 15 years helping others build wildly successful businesses. Without the help of a coach, mentor or leader I built myself up from food stamp living as a single mom, to a successful CEO before ultimately stepping away to create She Leads Me.

 It hasn’t been an easy road. All along the way, I was searching for women on the same journey as me. I would look around and see them traveling the road as well, however we were all in our own cars with the windows up and podcasts blaring, trying to forge our own paths to success. I knew there had to be a way to figure out a carpool situation with some of these women!

 I have been on a mission, to bring like-minded women together paired with the business knowledge, skillset and principals that I teach. This is more than a business venture to me. This is the life line I wish I had when I was in the thick of it. This is the community I craved while I worked in a male dominated industry, fighting for my value and worth daily.

These skill sets I had to learn, this knowledge I had to piece together on my own, is now crafted and put together for you. You don’t have to be on this journey on your own. There IS a network of high caliber women waiting to meet you, and I am too.

 While I continue to build this business and grow the community of women, you can also find me traveling to warm destinations (the PNW can get REAL cold ladies), hiking beautiful landscapes, snowboarding down snowy mountains, and spending time with my three kiddos and fiance, Matt. 

Caitlin Sommers has joined our team with years of experience in higher education. 

In addition, she has 10 years of management experience in various roles, 5 years of non-profit management + fundraising experience, with 10 years of leadership development + volunteer management. 

Caitlin joins the She Leads Me team with some incredible qualifications including her degrees; She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Kinesiology, Masters in Health Studies (Exercise Science and Public Health) and her MBA. 

Coaching is also in her expertise as an athlectic coach for 21 years in Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball. 

She was raised not far from Bellingham, on Vancouver Isalnd. She is drawn to the ocean and loves all things water sports inlcuding kayaking and paddle boarding. 

Family comes first for her as a wife, mom and dog mom. Being active, baking, cooking, reading and enjoying the outdoors. She looks forward to exploring more of the world through travel and hopes to plan a trip to Italy in the future. 


Caitlin Sommers

Caitlin Sommers

Education + Development Coordinator

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