I haven’t been shy about my quest for building a community and space for women to connect and collaborate with one another. It is at the core of our mission here at She Leads Me and we proudly and boldly share it! 

There are times when I share this mission with others and they politely nod, smile and offer some sort of generalized sentiment, “That’s so great.” “What a fun idea.” Sometimes I even get the question, “You do that full time?” In those conversations I’ve come to realize the people that respond in this way, aren’t the people for this community. 

Then there are the women (and some men) that LIGHT UP when I share my vision. I see their faces brighten, their eyes widen, and their smiles grow… they understand. These people ask deeper questions and make genuine, enthusiastic comments. “That is incredible! Tell me more!” “When is your next gathering?” “This sounds like exactly what I am missing. Do you think this community is for me?” 

I have recognized something really key in my pursuit… I didn’t always have to work on changing my “marketing messaging” to fit the normal mold. I didn’t have to find ways to use catchy phrases to hook people in. When I fine tune the who, what, and why I am able to reach the women that “get it”. 

Part of my mission and pursuit from early on was to incorporate a more permanent fixture for building community. I knew that after our first Connections Event in the fall of 2018, I wanted to open a coworking and event space exclusively for women. 

Why? To further the mission of She Leads Me and to provide another few layers of support for women who are out there looking to build sustainable businesses, connect with others, and find education and training along the way. 

After a season in life where the entire world has been closing doors and closing up shop, I am choosing the opposite path. I am investing my time, energy and financial resources into a physical location which is needed now more than ever before. As predicted, the people who don’t understand have given me their “words of wisdom”… “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” “What if no one shows up?” “What if someone with more space and more money comes along and opens up as well?” 

Then, I turn towards my community… “I can’t WAIT to work from the Hub!” “You have no idea how much I need this right now.” “I think about the coworking space every day.” “I tell all my friends about this space.” YES. Those words ladies, are exactly why I am on this pursuit. 

 I’m placing all my bets on you, and have never felt so sure, confident and called to do so in my life. 

While building businesses, relationships and communities online can be rewarding, there is something that happens when we gather together. There is a divine energy that is created when we are in the same space together. When we feel the presence of others that have similar missions and visions for their lives, we feel connected. We feel supported. We feel the momentous shift in our efforts to achieve greatness in our lives. 

Her Connection Hub is scheduled to open in July and our in person gatherings will start to resume. I feel your anticipation. I hear your needs. She Leads Me is here to support you. 

If your local or in the area visiting, we’d love to see you, share conversation over a cup of coffee and invite you into our new home. Come say hello! 👋😍