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Financial Coaching is provided for you to bring back your power in decision making, set your life + business up for success, and be intentional with path forward.

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Hi! I’m Jenny Foerstch, your Financial Wellness Advisor.  

Let’s get real for a moment… talking about finances can be hard and overwhelming. The emotions + mindset that come up about money can prevent you from making key decisions in your life and business. I am here to help you stop that cycle. 

I have helped hundreds of small business owners, families + entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money through my holistic  approach. 

I want to help you too. 

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life just hoping your finances will figure themselves out. I will help you find confidence and transformation in your relationship with money and set you up on the path to financial freedom. 

Schedule a 30 minute complimentary call with me today, and let’s get you well on your way. 

Working with Jenny as my financial coach has helped me take steps to feeling more empowered in my relationship with money.

The biggest “aha” moment I had with her was how directly my feelings and emotions around money affected my everyday interactions and thoughts about money. Jenny really helped me understand where that was all rooted and how to change the way I think about it. She asked questions I had never even thought about in relation to money and money management.”

Clara S.

Owner, Argyle Salon

I have worked with Jenny Foertsch as my personal and small business financial coach for the last 18 months.

I am a single mom with 2 kids recently divorced, starting my business over after moving across the country.

I have a history of spending money as a trauma response, and was struggling with my finances. Jenny helped me identify the reasons why I was spending unnecessarily, and empowered my future by helping me set financial goals for things I really wanted to do with my family as well as creating a strategy for paying off all my debt. This summer I met a lifelong goal of being able to purchase backpacking equipment for my kids to enjoy the outdoors together.

I am in the best financial position I have ever been in, and owe all of this to the support and accountability I received working with Jenny.

Jenny changed my life, and the life of my children. I have nothing but boundless gratitude for her and her incredibly refined skill set.”

Amy A.

Owner, Lemon Wing Photography

How It Works

Schedule a Free Consult

Money is a personal thing. Before we ask you to commit, we spend 30 minutes on a video call talking through your goals, where the sticky points are and your desired outcome of working together.
Trust and Confidence is an important part of our process, so we take the time before
we start, to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone.



We work together throughout the month to get you set up for success. Sessions are scheduled throughout the month to make sure that you get on track. Email + Text support are in place to make sure you stay there.

We know that changes like this take time, that’s why we structure lots of communication and give you proper tools to see the successful outcome.

Small Group Support

Not only do you receive the 1:1 work that’s needed to accomplish your financial alignment, you also connect and work with others on the journey with you. 
These monthly Money Circle Meetups are a great opportunity to learn more tools, skills + meet others on the path to financial freedom. 

Ready... Aim... Success!

After our 6 month time period together, you will be well on your way to hitting your success. The freedom you feel + the empowerment within you give you the confidence to take your life to the next level.

your investment

        $249 per month with a 6 month commitment 

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