“Find a mentor” they say. “It’s a game changer!” they say. “It’s my key to success!” they say. 

By “they” I mean us, and every single statement is true. 

Mentorship is a confusing path for most and has our DIY methods running rampant as we chart our course. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I struggled for years to find a mentor for myself even though I knew it would be the answer to a lot of my struggles. I eventually came to realize the reason why I was having such a hard time was because I had no idea that there were different styles of mentorship. For some reason I imagined the heavens parting and a hand selected perfect mentor came floating down to download all their wisdom into me. I find the mentor, they do the work. Oh how very wrong I was.  

While there have been moments where I have felt a divine intervention in the people that have been placed in my life, it wasn’t until I compartmentalized the different styles of mentorship and how they can help me, that I finally started to tune into a mentorship path that worked for me. 

Need a refresher on Why we need Mentors? Check out the blog article here. 

Different mentorship styles? Say what? I’ve created my list of mentorship styles which will help you identify which style is best for you right now. Yes just like fashion, there will be different seasons where you will need different styles. Unlike fashion, no need to worry about overwhelm! There are 3 styles I’m breaking down for you; all can be used at the same time or individually and they never go out of season. 

Here are 3 different mentorship styles and tips on where you can find the guidance you need. 

Inspirational Mentorship: 

If you are looking for Inspirational Mentorship, books, blogs, and TED Talks will be your best friend. Inspirational Mentorship is for those that need to start their day with a boost and a pep talk. 10-15 minutes at the start of your day will get your mindset right and your energy pointed in the right direction. A daily dose is recommended to keep you on track. 

Guidance Mentorship: 

Guidance Mentorship will look like coffee, lunch, group calls or Zoom calls with someone you look up to and is on a path you want to be on. These may be opportunities that you invest money into or just present themselves for free. 

Make a list of people that you know that inspire you, that you want to get to know, or who know people you should know. Schedule these things 1-2 times per month to get your dose of guidance mentorship. 


Accountability Mentorship:

If you’re needing a little extra help, or you are wanting to make sure you stay on track, Accountability Mentorship will be right for you. This could look like 1:1 coaching, consulting, guidance from someone within your company, group training and programs. Most Accountability Mentorship will be something that you invest money and time into since it is a high level commitment by both the mentor and mentee. 


Which style of mentorship are you needing in your life right now?