How do I know what I am supposed to be doing? What is my calling and how do I find it? Who am I, truly?

As you make your journey through this world, as you aspire to build a business, to grow as a woman, and find your ultimate calling in this world, somewhere along the way you find yourself asking questions. Questions that come in all different depths. Light-hearted questions and  questions that create that furrow in our brow and wrinkle in our forehead. Questions that find their way down the path to the big one,  How Do I Find Fulfillment? 

The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.
Satisfaction or happiness as a result of developing one’s ability or character 

Finding fulfillment is linked to finding happiness, finding success, a certain feeling, a certain way of life… 

In order for you to begin the journey to finding fulfillment, you need to define what finding fulfillment means for you

If you don’t take this important step, you will be continuously subjected to the world’s varying different meanings of fulfillment which could ultimately lead to a longer search for the calming peace within you that you are looking for.

What does the word fulfillment mean to you? How do you imagine you will feel? What do you imagine you are doing? How are you showing up in your day to day when you are fulfilled? 

The quest for happiness

One of the most Googled questions of our time “How do I find Happiness” is a major indicator that we are not alone on this journey. Everyone, in one form or another, has the internal driver of finding things that make them happy. However, while everyone is searching for it, not everyone is intentional about finding it. 

Finding your North Star on your fulfillment journey

How do we become intentional? How do we ultimately identify what fulfillment is for us and establish where to find it? Here are our recommendations on how to find your North Star to fulfillment. 

The change begins with you.  Personal growth is the beginning and end of everything. If we want our external circumstances to change, we begin by making that change internally within us. Happiness and Fulfillment breed off of taking action. Take small actions every single day to better yourself, growth yourself and evolve yourself. Stay hungry, humble and open to change. We can always be striving for that next version of ourselves. Stay curious about who that is. 

Find what drives you. Your ‘why’ as we so often here about. Just because finding your “why” is a popular catch phrase in this time, don;t let the power of it become diluted. Take some time to define your vision and the power or reasoning behind it will help guide our actions and provide some feedback as we may need to course correct from time to time. 

Self Awareness. Get to know yourself. Like REALLY get to know yourself. Be honest about your weaknesses and your strengths. Be aware of the ego that you carry, the stories you tell yourself. Take some time to be with just you and your thoughts. The quickest and most effective way is to journal throughout this process. Turn off any distractions that may come to you, and sit with your thoughts. What comes to mind? Write that down. What do you think of you? Why do you think that? Is that your story, or someone else’s story you’ve adopted to be true for you? Why are you successful? Why do you struggle with putting yourself first? What is important to you (make sure to not get caught up in what “should” be important to you.)

Be here, now. While setting goals and looking ahead to the future help us set the course of our actions is necessary, it’s also important to remember to not get too wrapped up in the pursuit, and be as present as possible in the moment. Presence equates to increased happiness and fulfillment. 

The importance of the right relationships. Who’s in your corner? Who has access to you? The energy around you has a big impact in your life. If a vibe and energy feels off, shift yourself away from it. Protect your energy and what energy you subject yourself to. You’d be amazed at how much we tolerate when we don’t pay attention. Listen closely to how your body responds when you are around others and make adjustments as necessary. Your inner peace will blossom within that choice. 

Give back. Contributions to other people, causes or organizations simply feels good. With so many opportunities of giving back out, seek out to find which one makes your soul sing. Then do more of that. 

Taking Power in the Pause. Reflecting on your journey is a key component. When we take the time to pause, reflect and show gratitude on our growth journey and the changes we are making in our life (even when we don’t have all of the answers yet), you feel a sense of purpose and meaning. This can propel you forward and continuously feed the motivation you need regularly. Remember what Jim Rohn says, “Motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” 

Define your Success. Success has a different definition for everyone. What is your definition? How do you want to feel each day? How much do you want to be working? What lights you up and brings you joy? Seek to understand who you are and what you desire. There is a path of success that you can design for your life, you just need to know what you’re looking for. 

Trust your internal guide. Your intuition, it knows what’s up. Let it guide you and lead you to a healthy, joyous, peaceful and fulfilled life. Spend time with yourself without distractions to really get to know your inner voice. It will be the guiding light you need to find the happiness and fulfillment you are looking for.