How to Show Value in the Workplace (even during a pandemic)


Who isn’t working from home right now? 

Working from home is the new normal, with no end in immediate sight. Google recently announced that their employees will be working remotely through June 2021 at this point, with other companies of all sizes following suit. 

Even with in-person jobs, like restaurants, banks, grocery stores, gyms… less people are working together to keep people distanced and costs low. 

As we all have continued to adapt and familiarize ourselves with effective strategies for working from home, there is a new concern arising… 


“How do I show value in the workplace?”


How do we continue to show value, gain recognition, and support others when we are not in our normal, face to face environment?

How do we address the normal conversations we would have face to face like getting a pay raise, promotional opportunities, and gaining recognition and winning awards. 

What if business takes a turn? Many already are, or are on their way… how do we prove that we are worth keeping around as they make budget and job cuts?


These are all excellent questions to be considering, especially during a time like this. 

None of these questions come to mind for you recently with your job? Well, I’m really glad you’re here then, you really need to read this next part. 


Mindset Shift 

I have been witnessing a mindset for a while now. A mindset that COVID is on the fast track to exposing… The Lazy Employee. The employee who gets to show up and do just enough. The employee that doesn’t put in a lot of effort in their job or how they show up. This may be you, or this may not be you. This could also be you, but you are too triggered to acknowledge it, so you tell yourself that this isn’t you. 


The truth is, we can all show up better. We can all dig deeper, do more and be more. 


When I see The Lazy Employee using the COVID excuse right now, it makes me cringe. It will not get you to where you want to go. Not thinking about where you want to go? Warning… you may be out of a job sooner than you think, and it won’t be due to the ecomony. 


Currently, there is not a lot of job security. Thousands of people in your community are looking for work. People that are willing to get to work, do it with enthusiasm, and make it happen. Even if your company is in good standing, you can no longer skate by on just “showing up.”


The impact that you have on others around you, is noticed. The lack of effort that you are putting in, when others are busting their tail, is noticed. The things that you do to JUST do enough, is noticed. It is only a  matter of time, before you are replaced and out of work, without realizing it. No one wants a lazy employee, especially in an economy where so much is on the line. 


We all have times where The Lazy Employee can get in the way. Let this serve as a reminder for those of us that need to tightened up our habits and productivity (link to article) to get ourselves in gear for success. 


It’s time to lead the way 

When we are faced with a shifting environment, the last thing we should do is shrink back. If we are looking at the glass half full (as a follower of SLM, I fully believe that you are a forward thinking visionary), then we understand that, now more than ever, is the time to stand up and lead. 


We lead, even if it isn’t in our job title. We lead, even if no one has asked us to. We lead because we are called to. 


What is the best way to lead during a pandemic/economic crisis? It begins with INTENTION. The foundation of what we are going to share all comes back to being intentional with your actions and communication. 

5 way to bring value to the workplace 

We’ve gathered 5 ways for you to show value in the workplace immediately to lead in this time of uncertainty, show value to your colleagues, and stand out to your supervisors. 


  1. Contribute: Silence does not get you noticed. Now is the time to go above and beyond what you are asked to do.
    Ask “How you can help support? What can you do to help others?” 

    Have you been in virtual meetings recently where there’s the dull hum of awkward silence? Don’t sit quiet in meetings. Use your voice. Speak up. Find a way to contribute on a high level. Offer ideas and suggestions. People will notice (especially your managers)!
    Getting the cold shoulder? Someone hasn’t taken you up on your offer yet? Keep asking. Keep offering. Eventually the answers will reveal themselves.

  2.  Do what you say you are going to do: Be reliable. Period. Be someone that your peers and colleagues can count on. Everyone is going through the sh*t storm. Everyone could come up with a million excuses as to why they couldn’t finish the job, get the task done. Etc. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. Get it done despite your excuses. 
  3. Anticipate the Need: Be proactive. Help the team. See something that needs to be done? Do it. Is someone on the team struggling to do what they need to do? Help them. Is there a large project falling on the hands of someone who is already overworked? Step-up, ask if there is something that can be delegated to you.
  4. Adapt Accordingly: Things are changing at a rapid fire pace right now. You must be willing to adapt, pivot, rebound that shot, to move with grace and ease. No one knows what’s coming next. Remember that. Breathe through that.
  5. Bring positivity to the workplace: Take the lead where you can. Everyone is doing the very best they can. Be the person who is positive, despite the laundry list of things that we can all complain about right now. Be the “break” people need from talking about all the craziness in the world right now.  Be the light for others and bring a positive spirit in with you when you walk through the door, or enter into a virtual meeting.


What other ways are you bringing value to the workplace right now? Share with us in the comments below!